We had a great time making this record, and I think that feeling really comes through in the music.
— Anthony Babino

Nearly two years in the making, the self-titled, debut album by New York based rock outfit, Sons of Origin, will be released on October 22nd.  “We had a great time making this record, and I think that feeling really comes through in the music”, says Anthony Babino, guitarist/lead vocalist, who co-founded the band with his brother Steven. “We’re very proud of the work we’ve done, and really excited to finally be able to share it with everyone.”

Recording sessions for the album were spread out over nearly two years, beginning in June 2011, with the final tracking completed in May 2013.  “The original idea was to go into the studio to record an EP of six or so songs”, says bassist/lead vocalist Steven Babino.  “We recorded eight tracks in one day with Tobias Ralph on drums, six of which we completely finished and mixed.  We then sat with those recordings for about nine months, until we collectively decided to go back into the studio to record two more songs to make it a full-length album.”

The bands drummer, Daniel Bradley, officially joined the group in August 2011, two months after the original recording sessions took place.  “We’d been playing shows with Toby for a while, but his touring schedule with Lauryn Hill constantly put him on the road, so we had to find a more permanent drummer”, remembers Anthony.  “We auditioned/rehearsed with a bunch of guys, but it just never clicked.  Dan was recommended to us by a mutual friend - from the first downbeat, we immediately knew that he was our guy.”

Percussionist/vocalist, Dorian Lake, has been performing with Anthony and Steven for several years, dating back to when Anthony released his first solo album, “Desolate Town” in 2009.  “Steve and I tend to write songs featuring a lot of three part harmonies, and the three of us have a great blend when we sing together.  Add to that Dorian’s abilities as a percussionist - and all of the elements converge to create the sound that we’re going for.”

That “sound” has been self-described by the brothers as “somewhere between the edginess of Foo Fighters and the pop-sensibilities of Coldplay.”  Anthony adds, “Steve and I grew up listening to a wide array of artists, everything from Jolson to Sinatra, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, and so on.  Inevitably, all of those artists’ influence find their way into our songs.”  That being said, the styles on the record are quite varied, going from the edgy driving rock of “Nothing Left To Lose”, “Everything Is Going To Be Alright”, & “Falling Down”, to the acoustic-driven pop of “Morning In New York”, “Be Here Without You”, and “Lafayette”.  “We’re not interested in being pigeon-holed into one sound or style”, says Steven.  “Though the styles vary from song to song, I think the sound has a common thread which clearly communicates who we are as artists.”

The album also features studio musicians Chris Clark (piano), Dan Orlando (piano), grammy award winner Chris Theberge (percussion), John Hahn (trombone), Rick Kriska (saxophone), & Tony Gorusso (trumpet).  Engineered by emmy-award winner Matt Rifino (The Today Show), Joey Martino, & Craig Weinberg, the recording/mixing sessions took place at Fenix Studios (Staten Island), NBC Studios (NYC), and Sound Association (NYC).  Five songs were mixed by Matt Rifino, and five by Craig Weinberg.  “Matt and Craig did a tremendous mixing job.  The songs really hit hard sonically; they did an amazing job bringing our vision to life.”  

The album cover was photographed by award-winning photographer Barry Morgenstein at Adobe Blues Restaurant in Staten Island.  The band is sitting at the bar in the foreground, seemingly lost in thought, while also featuring the band in the background, dressed in tuxedo’s, complete with fake mustaches as well as unconventional instrumentation, while a trumpeter plays next to couple dancing.  “The cover is based off of the lyrics from our song “Lafayette”, which is essentially a story-song about hanging out with friends at Adobe Blues when I was in College”, says Anthony.  “The cover is a compilation of four different photographs taken by Barry, and pieced together via photoshop by our dad (singer/songwriter Tony B.).  It came out exactly as we envisioned.”

In addition, the band just recently released their first music video for their single, “Nothing Left To Lose”, which can be viewed on YouTube. The album will be officially released on October 22nd, but the CD release party will take place at The Bitter End in NYC on November 21st at 8pm.


1. Nothing Left To Lose

2. Morning In New York

3. Everything Is Going To Be Alright

4. Be Here Without You

5. Stranded

6. Tell Me Why

7. Falling Down

8. Lafayette

9. All For You

10. Hold On